[ Invitation] 2018 Healing Cancer World Summit

Not usually one to invite people to online summits, I’m making an exception because this event promises to be exceptional.

The content aligns closely with my personal experience and ideals—all I have learned and put into practice as a patient and someone deeply involved in wellness and oncology.

Some of the presenters are individuals with whom I am personally and professionally connected. That’s why I am inviting you.

Kris Carr, Host

I’ve known this wellness guru, cancer survivor, and host of the upcoming Healing Cancer World Summit for over a decade. A Harvard professor first introduced us not long after her Crazy Sexy Cancer documentary aired. Within a few weeks of that first call, we met for lunch at a vegan joint in New York City and talked for hours. Kris’s story is remarkable, her heart is pure, and she exudes authenticity.

When Kris invited me to participate in the Healing Cancer World Summit, I did not immediately say ‘yes’. The first thing I asked was “who else are you thinking about inviting?” I was thrilled she was receptive to input.

In addition to the involvement of yours truly, several highly-respected, stellar-accredited friends and colleagues will be presenting. They include:

Keith I. Block, MD

Medical and Scientific Director, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment

Dr. Block is one of my personal physicians—the first integrative oncology doctor I worked with. According to the foreword in Block’s seminal book, Life Over Cancer, Dr. Andrew Weil shares that Dr. Block is arguably the father of modern integrative oncology and is who Weil would see (and send his family to) if ever diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Block will speak with Kris about taking control of your health.

Penny B. Block, PhD

Executive Director, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment 

A renowned expert in psycho-oncology, Dr. Block is a special soul who has dedicated her career to the profound emotional needs of cancer patients. She coined the term ‘A-Team’—the critical collection of a patient’s core supportive team of physicians, family, and caregivers. Dr. Block teaches how to identify, and effectively activate, one’s A-Team and educates on the latest in mind-body medicine.   


Lorenzo Cohen, PhD

Director, Integrative Medicine Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center

I met Dr. Cohen a decade ago at a Society of Integrative Oncology (SIO) conference, and got to know him better during my three-year stint on SIO’s board, and through subsequent collaborations that followed. Dr. Cohen is the co-author of the new book Anticancer Living, and coleads a team conducting NIH-funded research delivering integrative medicine supportive services to patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Cohen and Alison Jefferies, his wife and co-author, provide a lesson on the anticancer lifestyle.

Dwight McKee, MD

Hematologist, Oncologist, Certified Nutrition Specialist

When Keith Block first introduced me to Dr. McKee in 2011, it was in a time of urgent need—a family member had been diagnosed with a lethal cancer. He treated me with great care and empathy, like I was family—and we immediately jumped into an impromptu strategy session to chart the best course of care for my loved one. I was blessed with a powerful dynamic duo—true pioneers of integrative oncology—with Drs.  Block and McKee’s support. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to hear Dr.  McKee’s lesson on food as medicine for cancer prevention and survival.

Kelly A. Turner, PhD

Author of NYT best-selling Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds 

Dr. Turner is a curious investigator who is passionate about exceptional cancer responders. We met for breakfast at an oncology conference in 2011, a few years before she wrote her bestseller Radical Remission. She was curious about my medical case and explained her plans to turn her PhD thesis into a book about exceptional cancer patients. Dr. Turner knows that ‘spontaneous remission’ is a misnomer—and that Radical Remissions are often deliberate and worthy of careful investigation. Her lesson is on taking control of your health and the nine key factors that can make a real difference for survivors.


I want you to hear what these brilliant folks, and many others, have to say about the cancer journey—and their take on both prevention and the latest approaches for effectively addressing the often profound spiritual, mental and physical disruption brought on by cancer diagnoses.

Please join me and my esteemed colleagues—leading lights of integrative oncology—for the Healing Cancer World Summit, which debuts October 17.