Join Anticancer Thrivers

After years of being disappointed with virtual support groups and Facebook Groups, I decided to launch Anticancer Thrivers.

Each time I explored a new forum I would first listen, then engage. I quickly learned that most participants were not interested in getting healthier.

These groups were largely created as a forum to discuss drug development, and vent about drug side effects, drugs to combat treatment side effects, various comorbidities, and other struggles. Yes, these are critical issues, but it was mostly reactive, negative discourse on cancer care itself, with nothing to do with health creation.

But it was all “tumors and treatment”, and general kvetching; nothing on taking control, getting second opinions, or focusing on physical and emotional health.

These online communities were devoid of any discussion on strengthening immune function, building resiliency, healthy lifestyle habits, and natural products. There were few meaningful exchanges on disease prevention, or taking a personal role in limiting cancer recurrence.

Anticancer Thrivers was created for YOU: those I have coached over the years and all those who have been following my writings on this list. 

Please join me for an ongoing conversation about living your best life as an anticancer thriver.