Personalized, integrative cancer coaching from Glenn Sabin

“I was recently diagnosed with leukemia, concurrent with melanoma and prostate cancer. A renowned integrative oncologist recommended I contact Glenn… He’s walked in our shoes and knows what we are going through. He knows what we need.”

One-on-one cancer coaching

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, or you’re experiencing a relapse, and you don’t know how to access the most advanced, comprehensive and individualized care, Glenn Sabin can help.

An advocate of evidence-based, integrative oncology—treating the whole person, not just his or her tumors—Glenn coaches both self-referred individuals and those referred by physicians.

He is available for one-on-one phone or Skype sessions to discuss how an empowered mind can help access your body’s innate healing ability. His comprehensive approach includes integrative methods and conventional Western medicine. Ultimately, your body, your life, and your cancer are all unique, and you need to approach your care plan as an “n of 1.”

As your coach, Glenn arms you with the tools and understanding you need to move toward your health goals, including: choosing an expert oncologist for your specific situation, psychosocial support, therapeutic nutrition, prescriptive exercise, stress reduction, supervised supplementation, hydration and a host of additional, evidence-based interventions.

What you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive review of your questionnaire and food journal (to be completed prior to your session)
  • A personalized plan to upgrade your diet and lifestyle in manageable, measured steps
  • Recommendations and referrals to practitioners, specific to your illness and needs
  • Simple techniques for reducing stress, removing emotional blocks and boosting happiness
  • Fridge & pantry overhaul: what to keep, what to toss, and what to buy

“I have found Glenn’s counseling to be invaluable as I travel the road of dealing with my cancer. His kind and listening approach, coupled with his extensive knowledge of evidence-based integrative cancer care, has enabled me to be proactive in my health, feel comfortable in living with my illness—and to truly enjoy life!”

Navigating a cancer diagnosis and improving your quality of life is an investment. As with any investment, it takes time and commitment. During your private, one-on-one session, Glenn will consider your current overall state of health, both body and mind, and your current abilities and limitations, including physical, emotional and financial factors. If you’re ready to make significant lifestyle changes, a session with Glenn will put you on a personalized path to wellness.

If you have additional questions about Glenn’s one-on-one coaching, Get in touch.

Ready to secure your one-on-one coaching session?

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Comprehensive Cancer Coaching Consultation

Investment: $325 (75 min)

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6 Month Coaching Program (bundle)

Initial comprehensive cancer coaching consult (75 min) + five monthly, 30 min follow-up sessions

Investment: $945 (paid over 6 months)

  • $325 paid prior to initial comprehensive cancer coaching consultation
  • Then, 5 monthly auto-debited installments of $124 for each subsequent 30 min session.
  • Reschedule sessions with minimum of 24 hours advance notice without penalty.
  • Cancel agreement at any time, without penalty, with 30 days advance notice.

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Benefits of Coaching Bundle

Six months of private coaching with Glenn provides consistent engagement and support during a critical stage of your health journey.

Planning, Inspiration and Motivation
Glenn has decades of experience as a cancer patient, coach, and is a national authority on lifestyle change and integrative oncology. He will get you moving (and keep you moving) toward your health creation goals. Information translated to strategy—inspirational and motivational.

The research supporting lifestyle choices to prevent cancer, support active treatment, and help ensure long-term survival is now irrefutable. Glenn will help activate your inner self-advocacy to do the important work of taking care of you.

Review and tracking of recommended lifestyle modifications, practitioner and medical research suggestions—and laser-focused attention on your short- and longer-term goals.

Permanence—via recorded calls/Skype
Convenient on-demand playback so you can stop taking notes and stay in the moment during each session. Easily share sessions with family and caregivers.

“Glenn emphasizes what each of us can do to be our own best allies in battling cancer. His warm and informed advice is backed up by his hard-fought personal experience as a remarkable, 27-year ‘thriver.’”

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