Announcing CLL Society Expert Access™

I recently learned about a new pilot program from my friends at the CLL Society called CLL Society Expert Access™.  This important pilot program coordinates free second opinions with CLL experts for CLL patients who have not had or have not been able to secure such access.

CLL prognostication assays and novel treatments are evolving at a quick pace. There are several targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitors now used for first and second line treatments, with several new drugs in the pipeline and multiple trials. It is only a matter of time before the CAR-T gene editing therapy, now approved for recurrent ALL and advanced lymphoma, will be tested further in trials for CLL patients.

Longtime readers know that most of my writing and cancer coaching focuses on lifestyle changes, and integrative oncology approaches. This helps ensure the healthiest possible cancer ‘thrivers’—and supports an environment most conducive to create an anticancer terrain.

Conventional diagnostics and knowledge of cutting-edge treatments are just as important to stay on top of—even if treatment is not imminent.  This is why I often write about how vital it is to get a second (or third) opinion for the majority of cancer diagnoses. Specifically I advocate that patients become a patient of record at an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, of which there are 47 across the U.S.

Not everyone has access to top CLL clinician/researchers for a number of reasons, not least of all because only the most comprehensive (read: expensive) health insurance policies cover out-of-state state facilities as ‘in network’ providers.

Now, with the CLL Society Expert Accesspilot program, qualified individuals will now have access to the best and brightest minds—those who have dedicated their careers to CLL research and clinical care.  

It has been proven that CLL patients with access to the latest information and high quality management of their disease have better outcomes and longer survival.

I highly encourage all CLL patients who have to date only been seen by community, private oncologists, to see if you qualify to get a free second opinion from a CLL expert.

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