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Public Health on Fire

Cancer, Like COVID: A Public Health Failure

Ed Yong’s recent sobering piece in The Atlantic on the U.S.’s lack of preparedness for the next pandemic that’s inevitably “barreling toward us”  hit my inbox with a ‘must read’ thud. Cogently written, it provides historical context for the myriad errors committed—and how the many lessons learned early on with COVID were somehow not actionable for the next episode of death: the Delta variant.

Deceptive Marketing of ‘Precision’ Cancer Care

A new, troubling report from Truth In Advertising suggests some cancer hospitals are guilty of deceiving patients about their chances of survival, because they give the initial impression that the patient will be treated under the umbrella of precision cancer care, when, in fact, it (precision cancer care) is not available for many types of cancer.

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The Business of Cancer: Your Purchasing Power

The global business of cancer is enormous and complex. It’s a machine well positioned to capitalize on the environment of disease run amok—managed by clinicians supported by an arsenal of interventions and agents—some effective and some not so much. In this environment, it’s imperative to be an educated consumer.

Reaction to ‘When Alternative Cancer Care Kills’

The response to my recent post, When Alternative Cancer Care Kills was fast and passionate. People either loved it or hated it, depending on where they stand on cancer care.

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Natural Products for Cancer Care: Challenges and Progress

Several dietary supplements have shown evidence that they support cancer care, often effective in reducing the deleterious side effects of cancer treatment. I believe that high-quality nutritional supplements, tailored to my body’s specific needs, played a powerful role in the ‘treatment’ and management of my leukemia. More research is needed to move natural products into the mainstream of cancer care.

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Cancer Care and Conspiracy Theories

I’ve heard all about the ‘cancer industry complex’ conspiracy theories from those claiming to know the truth about cancer—even attended their summits, which often advocate refusing standard treatment.

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The Age of the Empowered Cancer Patient

Welcome to the age of the empowered cancer patient. Many tools, as well as access to high quality information and top physician scientists, are available for cancer patients willing and able to invest themselves in their own health journey.

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Open Letter to Joe Biden: We Need a Cancer ‘Prevention’ Moonshot

Dear Vice President Biden:
Your Cancer Moonshot initiative is commendable, with its core goals to make more therapies available to more patients, while supporting improvements to prevent cancer, and detect it earlier. The core elements of the Cancer Moonshot from a research and drug discovery standpoint are sound, but the overarching framework lacks a critical keystone. Let me explain.