[Free Guide] 10 Essential Steps to Take Control of Your Cancer Journey

Confronting a cancer diagnosis, especially a prognosis indicating limited lifespan, is a heavy burden for anyone to process. As a 25-year survivor, I offer these 10 critical steps to take immediate control, and to position yourself as ‘project manager’, placing yourself as the cornerstone of your own care.

Originally created as a bonus piece of content for my friend and colleague, Dr. Kelly Turner’s Radical Remission online course, I am excited to now offer this guide to new readers.

Inside the Guide

  1. Assemble your A-Team
  2. Pace yourself and your decisions based on their true urgency
  3. Get a second (or third) opinion, and include an NCI–Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
  4. Use reputable sources to learn about your specific disease
  5. Keep expectations in check regarding your primary oncologist and her knowledge or interest in integrative and lifestyle medicine
  6. Understand and employ the core tenets of lifestyle medicine to prevent, control, and potentially reverse disease
  7. Control your treatment and care costs
  8. Look for high quality, free community resources
  9. Proper aftercare to ensure long-term survivorship is paramount
  10. You are not a statistic!

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