New COVID-19 Resources Available for Cancer Survivors

Guest Post by Nancy Novack, PhD

In the time of COVID, cancer patients are especially vulnerable. They need our help more than ever. I compiled a listing (just below) of financial resources for those who are living with cancer and those who love and care for them.


Nancy’s List is my love letter to the universe, my expression of profound gratitude for my miraculous recovery from stage 4 ovarian cancer … and my amazing life.

During my 21 long aggressive chemo sessions, whenever I had the opportunity, I invited fellow cancer patients to tell me their stories. These visits occurred in the infusion rooms at Stanford Cancer Care Hospital in California 16 years ago.

Patients and their families shared their helplessness and hopelessness. They suffered intense feelings of isolation, distrust, anger, and profound sadness. They worried the very most about money … about the possibility of bankruptcy, the lack of funds to cover the enormous medical expenses and their medications.

If they even had insurance, they worried that the policies were not sufficient. They worried about telling their employers and likely losing their jobs. They worried about not being able to pay for basic living expenses. They worried about their children’s futures. They were experiencing so much fear and anxiety about money.

I knew that the stress and anxiety of choosing between buying one’s cancer meds or putting food on the table for their children were in the way of the healing process.

I made a vow to make a difference. I knew that financial assistance was out there somewhere. I was determined to find the resources and make them accessible to the cancer community.

COVID-19 Financial Assistance for People Living with Cancer

(Some of these programs are currently closed because of lack of funding. Check back often as funds may become available.)

American Cancer Society

Aunt Bertha
(For local listings of services like medical care, food, job training and more)

Bristol Myers Squibb

Cancer and Careers


Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

Cancer Net

Cancer Support Community—Emergency Fund
(For food, utilities, and other basic needs.)

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Cancer Support Community—COVID-19 Resources

Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Family Reach Covid-19 Emergency Fund

Good Days

HealthWell Foundation—COVID-19 Ancillary Costs

HealthWell Foundation—COVID-19 Insurance Premium Payment Assistance

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Lungevity Breathe Easier Fund

Lymphoma Research Foundation

Merck Patient Assistance Program

National Organization for Rare Disorders

National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Needy Meds


Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN)

Patient Advocate Foundation—Financial Aid Funds

Patient Advocate Foundation—COVID-19 Emergency Food Assistance

Patient Advocate Foundation—COVID Care Help

PearlPoint Nutrition Services

Pfizer Patient Assistance Program

The Pink Fund

The Sam COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Scholarships and Support for College Students With Cancer & Cancer Survivors (Resource Guide)

The Sontag Foundation for Brain Tumor Patients

Tigerlily Foundation for Breast Cancer Patients

United Breast Cancer Foundation

Please contact me at if you know additional resources that should be listed in our directory.

Be strong. Be smart. Stay well. We can do this … together.

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